A Message from Terry

I have a straightforward agenda that includes:

  •       Building bridges to all communities instead of pitting one group against another.
  •       Using my experience in local economic development to create good-paying jobs with good benefits.
  •       Helping our neighborhood schools by reducing the unfair standardized tests meddlesome state                  regulations and by increasing community involvement and local control. 
  •       Promoting tax fairness to decrease the burden on homeowners and require major corporations to              pay their fair share of property taxes.
  •       Backing an Opportunity Plan that increases access to job training and a college education, strengthens        consumer protections, and makes state agencies more effective and responsive

Terry Meza for State Representative

I entered this race as a humble person who has worked hard her whole life to better myself and to better my community. Should I win, I will be that same person as your State Representative.

To represent an area like this one in the Legislature, I believe it’s not enough to simply show up at the right events and wave your hand. I think you need to be part of the fabric of this community – someone who comes from one of the thousands of families working so hard to get ahead. And if you want to call yourself a leader, you have to have left a well-defined footprint, a legacy of problem-solving and positive change that the people here can see and feel. That’s why I believe I am well qualified to represent House District 105. In fact, I wouldn’t be running for State Representative if I didn’t. To truly understand this area today, it helps to have grownup here and witnessed its astounding growth and change. It’s was a much simpler place and time when I was a child. My grandparents actually owned a farm located north of 183 between O’Connor and MacArthur. My father worked in barbershops up and down Irving Road. Today, Grand Prairie and Irving are far different – much more diverse,

more colorful and more dynamic. I was part of making those changes happen. Now, I want to take my service to this community to a new  level as your State Representative.

Terry Meza