Terry Meza for State Representative















In 42 days voters in Grand Prairie and Irving will head to the polls to elect a new State Representative.

With every new voter I meet in our district, I’m reminded of why I joined this fight and why I’m going to keep going until every vote is counted.  

As I knock on doors and talk with our neighbors, I hear a similar theme: Texans are looking for a limited and responsible state government that works for them and their families.

I often hear from dads who are looking for someone who will fight for good health care and wages for their wives and daughters. I hear from moms worried about the quality of their kids’ schools and the safety of their children.

I hear a lot of concerns, but my favorite part of this campaign is discussing solutions. I know that we can move past the partisan labels that divide us and start working together to make our community stronger.

I can’t win this race to strengthen our community alone. I need your help.  Will you donate $500, $250, $175 or $75?

The stakes couldn’t be higher. 

My opponent is being funded by big money interests in Austin and they will stop at nothing to attack our positive vision for the people of Irving and Grand Prairie.

What the Austin insiders can’t hide, though, is my opponents record.

From opposing common-sense reforms like making sure working moms are fairly paid so they can help support their families, to extreme positions like voting against protecting victims of rape, my opponent is out-of-touch with the voters I speak with every day, and the neighbors I’ve known for years.

As a 4th generation resident of Irving, I know our district deserves better than Rodney Anderson. I also know that we deserve someone with a little Texas common-sense down in Austin.  We deserve a representative who understands the importance of prioritizing education, investing in economic development, and reforming state government.

I’m ready to take that fight to Austin on behalf of you and your family. I hope you’ll join me.

Your friend and neighbor,

Terry Meza

PS: With only 42 days until the election, every penny counts. Your donation of $500, $250, $175, $75 or whatever you feel comfortable with will help ensure we have the last second resources we need to win

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunties
We need more than your good will! Join us and make some calls for Terry! 
Tuesday Night Phone Bank- Grand Prairie
Where: Injury & Rehab Clinic
Time: 6:00pm to 8:30pm
Wednesday Night Phone Bank - Irving
Where: Terry's Campaign HQ
Close by: SONIC
Time: 6:00pm to 8:30pm
We need your Boots on the Ground! Talk to your neighbors about Terry!
Saturday Block Walk - Irving
Where: Terry's Campaign HQ
Close by: SONIC
Two Shifts: 9:30am & 12:30pm
Sunday Block Walk - Irving
Where: Terry's Campaign HQ
Close by: SONIC
One Shift: 12:30pm