Terry Meza for State Representative

Terry Meza Calls on Rodney Anderson to Withdraw Support for Trump


CONTACT: Terry Meza



Following the release of Donald Trump’s sickening remarks yesterday about women, Terry Meza, candidate for State Representative in Texas House District 105, released the following statement:


“Donald Trump's despicable bragging about assaulting women further reveals him as a small and sordid man who deserves only contempt.  Donald Trump's twisted belief that he is somehow entitled to belittle, abuse and assault anyone he chooses disqualifies him as a leader of any sort, much less the leader of our nation.


“Donald Trump has spent months revealing himself as a man without character or conscious, and someone who treats women as objects and others as his inferiors.  Rodney Anderson has encouraged and embraced Donald Trump with his silence.


“I'm appalled that Rodney Anderson still refuses to speak out against Trump, even after his most recent vile comments were made public.  Absent an immediate condemnation of Donald Trump and withdrawal of his support for Trump, Rodney Anderson will expose his own failure of character and disrespect for our entire district.”Type your paragraph here.