Reform State Government

Economic Opportunity For Working Families

  • Enforce 22-1 class size limits in elementary schools
  • Raise teacher pay to the national average
  • Reduce high-stakes standardized testing
  • Stop rating schools largely on standardized test scores
  • Oppose private school vouchers and other schemes that drain tax dollars from our local schools
  • Reform school finance to stabilize state funding of local schools
  • Decrease middle managers and increase front-line staff at Child Protective Services to avoid tragic deaths of foster children like the little girl in Grand Prairie.
  • Expand counseling for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for veterans who return home to Texas.
  • Restore funding for critically needed cancer screenings for low-income women.
  • Freeze college tuition and increase grants and scholarships
  • Expand access to job training and target skills training to meet the needs of local employers
  • Ensure that women earn equal pay for equal work
  • Increase the minimum wage
  • Allow workers to earn paid sick leave

Terry Meza for State Representative

​​“We all know that our children will learn more when their class sizes are small and their teachers are well-paid. We also should promote local control and community involvement in our neighborhood schools.”

“The services provided by some state agencies are a life and death issue. All too often, they fail to help the people they’re supposed to help. And then the politicians in Austin try to dodge responsibility for the damage done. This cycle of failure must end.”

“If you work hard and do the right things, then you ought to have a fair shot at getting ahead. I want to knock down the barriers to opportunity the stand in the way of working families living the American Dream.”

Helping Our Children’s Schools